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Alterations — The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing — Clothing Alterations Book

Alterations — The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing

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clothing alterations book pages

clothing alterations book

(Note: The photos are of several alteration books. The purchase price is for one book.)


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Alterations - The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing is for clothing alterations professionals as well as anyone with sewing experience who wants to learn how to make every garment "tailor fitted."

Author Darlene Strader has been a professional alterations seamstress for almost thirty years. During that time she has done alterations for top name department stores, managed the local alterations department for a national clothing chain, plus owned a leading alterations business for eleven years. Darlene's name is well known as offering the highest quality alterations.

Alterations - The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing is a no-nonsense, no-gimmick book, and it is written specifically for being used while at your sewing machine. Line drawings were chosen over photographs for their ability to be better seen and understood. Every aspect of the book has been designed for your ease of use, from the comb binding (to lie flat on sewing tables), to graphics and font size. The book format is 8.5"x5.5", it has 114 single-sided pages, 100 graphics, detailed step by step instructions, and it is popular with in-store professionals as well as 'work at home' parents who operate their own alterations business. Originally printed in 1985, the first edition sold out within only two months. The current book is a new updated 2013 edition.

Simple altering techniques

If you have sewing experience and you want to learn how to alter clothing to fit properly, then this book will help to teach you how. You will learn to alter clothing to fit you, to fit your family, and to fit your customers.

Dress alteration line drawing       Pants hem line drawing       Crotch alteration line drawing

Do you want your own business?

Clothing alterations earnings spreadsheet

With a sewing machine, some practice, and a small newspaper advertisement you can start your own business within days. Alterations remains one of the few professions in which a person can choose their own hours and still make a sizable income. Darlene earned over $600.00 a week part-time in the early 1980s; imagine how much it would be today.

Darlene said of the number of alterations in the fulltime spreadsheet example: "Oh and then some!" She said that the number of alterations listed in the example are about half of what she did every day.



Chapter 1 - Zippers
          Replacing Zippers in Jeans or Pants
          Replacing Zippers in a Dress
          Replacing Zippers in a Skirt
          Replacing Zippers in a Jacket or Coat

Chapter 2 - Hems
          Skirt and Dress Hems
          Pant and Jean Hems
          Coat Hems

Chapter 3 - Waists
          Taking up Waists on Pants
          Taking up Waists on Skirts
          Taking up Waists on Jeans or Pants

Chapter 4 - Seams
          Taking up Side Seams on Dress Pants
          Taking up Side Seams on Lined Vests
          Taking up Crotch Seams on Pants

Chapter 5 - Sleeves
          Shortening Sleeves on Shirts
          Shortening Sleeves on a Jacket or Coat

Alterations - The Professional Guide for Altering Men's and Women's Clothing. Copyright© 1985, 2003, 2006, 2010, & 2013 by Darlene Strader. ISBN# 0-9741301-4-1. All rights reserved. Any and all prose, poetry, graphics, and photographs contained within this book are protected by copyright laws and, except for brief quotations used in critical reviews, no portion may be copied by any means whatsoever in part nor in whole without the publisher's and author's written consent. Book length : 114 pages. Woven Strings Publishing™

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