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Alterations Book Home


      Please read the following policies. By placing an order from any page within this website the customer has agreed to the following policies.

      Shipping Charges

      Shipping and handling charges are added to all shipments. Book shipping rates include delivery confirmation by media mail. Postal insurance is additional and is not included in the total price unless the customer requests and pays for the insurance. If a book is damaged in transit, then it is the customer's responsibility to meet with the post office nearest to the customer's residence where the customer can inquire about being reimbursed.


      If you received a book that has damage caused by the printing company, and you wish to exchange the book for another book of the same title, then please notify us immediately upon receipt of the book. After we receive the damaged book we will ship you another book at no additional cost. We look over all books prior to shipping so as to help prevent the possibility of any damaged book being shipped, and to date we have not had a defective book shipped to a customer.

      If you wish to exchange a book for a book of a different title, the restocking fees below will apply.

      Refunds and exchanges are normally processed within three working days from the day that we receive a returned book.

      Return Policies

      It is the customer's responsibility to pay for shipping costs when returning a book. Books must be shipped to us within three days of the customer having received the book.

      Books returned unopened (the book is still in the original unopened mailing container): 80%.

      Books returned with an open shipping container: up to 50%.

      Books returned opened and with damage or visible signs of being used: no refund.

      We have sold thousands of books online, and until recently we only had a couple customers request a refund. Due to a rash of several customers returning damaged books that were obviously copied, we can no longer offer a 100% money back guarantee like we used to. We appreciate your understanding why we have had to make changes in our policies.

Alterations Book Home

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